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It’s all fun and games until the baby falls and bumps his head…..

So it has been a good amount of time since I last blogged and the boys have grown in leaps and bounds. Keaton is now 4months old and is full of life like any little boy; Brodie still loves being a big brother and daddy’s big boy helper outside.

Keaton marked this past weekend with a new milestone, he began eating rice cereal and his first few feedings have gone very smooth that is until Sunday evening at grandma’s house but we will get to that later.
Brodie spends most of his time in the evenings and weekends following daddy around outside doing this and that in our yard and grandma’s yard.They are actually a pretty good team and Brodie is learning tons while helping, they have planted trees and rose bushes, removed and replaced mulch, edged the lawn and he is now a master lawn mower and this is only the beginning of April by the end of the summer Brodie will have his own lawn/landscaping business!!!!
Along with this time of year comes Easter and Easter egg hunts, and with such we had…