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Anxiety of a parent….

Have you seen the blurb "I am not friend I am your parent" here is the link for you to take a look

Okay so here is the thing with this blurb, IT IS ME. I have told so many that I will have no problem hunting my kids down if I think the situation calls for it and that most likely I will then proceed to flip out on them for making a choice that caused me to have to 'hunt them down'.
If you know me you know I am constantly worry about my children, not saying that you don't I just seem to be a bit more anxious about things that haven't happened and anxious about what I can do now as a parent to prevent those "bad" things from happening.
I am a people watcher by nature, people are very interesting to me even the crazies at the local big warehouse store-it seems to really pull the crazies out. More often now however, I find myself watching others parent and wonder if my kids react to me the same way those…