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BRAT diet for sick kiddos

We have a sick kiddo in the Whelpley house.
Brodie has some form of a stomach bug that has pretty much destroyed his appetite and has also seemed to prevent him from keeping too much in his system.  Luckily, we have been able to keep fluids in his tummy but his interest in food is nil and we have to remind him to drink.
I have taken to offering him only BRAT diet items
Bananas--had no interest
Rice---didn't actually offer this I knew he would say no
Apples--had no interest
Toast--ding ding!!! the only winner in the group

He would only eat about one bite of the toast but it was still a bit of something solid in him and better than nothing (I think :/). He has kept down his Gatorade and water....his poor little face is so pale and he complains that his tummy hurts, sick kids are the worst.
I am sure that tomorrow will bring a day home from school with most of the day spent laying around watching Disney Jr. and pushing fluids into him.

The purpose of the post was to remind everyone …