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Old school TV

Does anyone else enjoy watching old TV?  I have a fondness for 80’s shows like Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Father Dowling Mysteries, Threes Company and Dallas.  I am sure at this point you get the point that I am a big fan of old school programs and many times prefer those to shows to anything that is on TV now, don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good episode of Survivor, Scandal and Parenthood as much as the next guy but there really is something about the simplicity of TV from back then. 
My favorite of all the old shows is definitely Murder She Wrote, my brother and I watched this show every Sunday evening with my mom and it is where I believe my love of a good murder mystery took root in me and the desire to live in Cabot Cove, Maine.  I wonder is there really a Cabot Cove, Maine. Going to have to look this up on Google. I believe that the simpler times are something that I long for, as in previous posts I noted that I was born in the wrong era that I woul…

Yuck....a recipe not to try

Okay, so I have a recipe for you, or shall I say a recipe that I want to keep you from. This is going to be a very short and to the point post, I am going to give you the recipe right under this sentence.

Orange Chicken in the crock pot


2 lg carrots, peeled and sliced
2 lg red or green bell peppers, cut into chunks
3 cloves of garlic, finely minced
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
2 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp pepper
8oz OJ concentrate
2 cans mandarin oranges, undrained
2 green onions, chopped
2 cups hot cooked rice

put carrots, bell peppers, garlic then the chicken, ginger, salt, pepper and frozen OJ in crock pot.  Cover and cook on low for 4-6hrs.  Serve chicken on hot rice, top with orange segments and green onions

You may wonder why if I say the recipe is bad I would give you the recipe, I want to ensure that you know the exact recipe that I am talking about.
I am not sure why it was so bad, maybe the OJ, I still cannot figure it out. None th…

Good Intentions

Well we didn’t make it to church on Sunday, I really had good intentions of getting the entire crew their however a few little barriers stepped in the way.
First, Brodie stayed Saturday night with my mom (he normally stays at least one night on the weekend with her), and she had mentioned that evening before they headed out that she wasn’t feeling great, so about 6:15am on Sunday morning I heard my phone ringing in the kitchen, knowing that it was her I didn’t get to excited about getting out of bed to run out to the kitchen to answer it, I figured she was just calling to make sure we were up and getting ready and that nothing had changed.  However, when I finally did get to my phone and call her back I could tell by her voice she wasn’t calling to give me a hard time about having to get up early she was calling to tell me she was not feeling well at all.  She said she had been up a good part of the night and needed one of us to come and get Brodie because she wasn’t going to make i…



Why did I do that???

Do you ever do something and then think, "Why did I do that", that was me tonight. I totally went off the deep end over something that was so insignificant in the big scheme of things. And I am now sitting here trying to figure out how to rectify the situation.
Here is what I did, you are going to laugh and roll your eyes, we ordered pizza for dinner and when the order arrived and the driver left we realized that an item was missing, this always makes me angry but tonight for some reason it struck an extra sensitive nerve and I called the pizza place and demanded resolution.
I was not going to be satisfied with them bringing out the item that was missing because by the time they drove it back out we would have been done eating, I did not want a store credit because we rarely order from this company so I had no idea when the credit would be used. To put it plainly I wanted a refund put back on our credit card for the amount of the item that was missing approximately $6.00 dol…