I am going to go to yoga this morning and then get back right before the craziness gets into full swing, it seems like the boys get louder and the house a bit crazier every day. 

We will also be doing the daily and weekend cleaning that is required which isn’t that horrible compared to what it once was, we have switched over to a daily cleaning schedule, which means on a daily basis I am wiping down the bath room counters, doing a load of laundry, sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors and one extra daily task that is connected to the day of the week.  I am trying to stick to this schedule as much as possible as it seems to really cut down on the cleaning that we have to do on the weekends.  Kyle still helps with the dusting and vacuuming (both which I hate to do) and Brodie is getting pretty good at picking up his toys without too much arguing and fussing and is an even bigger helper when it comes to vacuuming. This may seem like a ridiculous idea to have a list of daily to-do’s for the running of the house but for my mind to be able to stay on task I need to have a list to look at and remind me of what else needs to be completed and by breaking it down into daily tasks rather than a running list of what needs to be done it makes the tasks seem like a mole hill rather than a mountain.  An added bonus of this daily schedule is that the main part of my Saturday and Sunday free to spend time with the kids or work on other projects that I may not have been able to get to if I had spent all day cleaning.
Oh and Kyle will be fixing my drivers side mirror, some how it broke and was left just dangling by the wires, reminded me puppet hanging from their strings, I am sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that gently bumped the side of it on the garage as I was pulling out, I am so grateful to have a husband like him, he is the perfect guy for me. 

Dinner tonight is going fried pork chops (need to pull them from the freezer), fried potatoes, corn and biscuits:

As for weekly kiddo accomplishments:

Brodie: has learned to use the word ‘fair’, as in “daddy you put me in the thinking spot and that isn’t fair” (thinking spot is also known as timeout) I am not sure what he had done to be put in thinking spot however I am sure that he had been warned more than once to stop what he was doing or he was going to be sent to the thinking spot so my guess is that it was “fair” that he was sent there. I realize that he hasn’t used the word in the true context but I do find it awesome when he uses a new word and is so sure of himself and his use of it.

Keaton: discovered silverware and has shown a huge interest in attempting to use them, so at meals we give him a spoon or fork and he goes to town trying to pick up food items on the utensils. Mainly it consists of him pushing the food around on his plate with the spoon/fork and using the other had to pick up the food and put it in his mouth. I am glad that he is showing interest and wants to try and use them it is wonderful thing to watch your children discover new things and to see them learn how things work and discover the abilities that they have.
We are also going to start back to church this week, hopefully the kids will be able to survive the hour service, the last time we went was about 6months ago. The boys both did okay, Keaton went to nursery and only lasted about 20min before they had to page me to come and get him because he had cried since the time we dropped him off Brodie was too old to stay in the nursery so we took him to service with us, he was really very well behaved lots of questions and looking around and reminders that we whisper during the service. Unfortunately our church does not offer a children’s program during the early service which is the service we prefer.
I will post again tomorrow after service and give an update.

Until next time…..


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