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A look back

As we have made our way through these last few months and I have seen how Brodie has changed from this time last year and the fact that we are closing in on two days before Keaton’s first birthday it seems like a good time to reflect on the past year and what is still ahead of us and how quickly the last 4yrs since I became a mommy has flown by.Prime example, Kyle and I were out shopping just a few days ago and as we were chatting about nothing inparticular, we touched upon the subject of enrolling Brodie in kindergarten and Kyle said, “but that is not for another 2years” and that is when it hit me that oh my gosh 2years is the equivalent of tomorrow when you are talking about your children growing up.  For those who do not have children or are just entering into this arena of life you might not understand this but for those of us who do have children it is a heart wrenching ache that nothing can squish.Now let me also mention that this is not the first time that this has ‘hit’ me, I …