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Bumpy roads and love in our hearts

The past couple of years have been a long road for our family.

Do you hear me when I say a long road?

Along that road there have been some pretty steep hills to climb and some pretty low valleys that we have had to work through but along the way there have also been some pretty nice roads that have shown us how beautiful and kind the human spirit can truly be and with a little help from God, family and friends we have come out on top.
Where to begin how about May 2015---this little person joined our family, 
now this little person is no longer that small or quite however Olivia Catherine has blessed our house and our lives in ways we never imagined possible.

As with all 3 of the pregnancies this pregnancy was pretty typical and low key, Olivia did surprise us by being stubborn during labor, so much so that they had to deliver her via c-section, recovery was pretty smooth and we made it home. 
I of course had the 'fun' of postpartum depression that hit me about day 2 post-delivery…