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Yeast is the name of the game

Yummo is all I can say about my newest kitchen baking project.I have begun making our bread and have decided that I will never buy another loaf of bread unless I am hosting large gathering or in dire need. I love the look, smell and taste of yeast….nothing is better than the smell of yeast proofing or the smell of it in a fresh baked loaf of bread.

I have found the best recipe ever for a fabulous white bread, it is from a website, although I cannot verify how authentic it is, claims it is an Amish loaf bread recipe, I don’t care if it really is or isn’t a authentic recipe, in my mind I am going to believe that I am baking the same bread that the fabulous Amish women bake in their homes.I have a deep respect and a bit of jealousness of the Amish women.
I would love to be able to stay home and live a simple life and put in hard work of cooking, baking and cleaning all the while raising my children.I tell mom and Kyle all the time that I was born in the wrong era possibly even in the wron…

Calling all canners!!!!!

As a young girl my parents used to send my brother and I back ‘home’ to Kansas every summer for at least a month sometimes longer. 
One of my many favorite memories of those visits back was visiting my Grandma M, she is our mom’s grandma so technically our great-grandma but we all just called her Grandma M.Anyway, she and Poppy, our great-grandpa who passed before Nick (my brother) and I were old enough to remember him, had a farm for most of their married life and she was a canner of all the produce that they grew on the farm. My favorite were the canned tomatoes they were the best thing ever, they even beat most of the fresh tomatoes, which was very hard to do.After Poppy passed Grandma M moved into town, and she still continued to can. I remember that the underneath of one section of her counter in the dining room was full of canned tomatoes it was like a wonderful treasure chest full of gold, and she never seemed to run out of her canned jars of goodness. In beginning this journey I…

The Queen was dropped at our house

As much as I hate to admit this Brodie has picked up a new shall we say 'choice word' to add to his vocabulary! It is the worst one that you can imagine, or at least that I can imagine....I will give you a moment to think about what word you think it is...

Okay I will give you a clue; in the movie Christmas Story it is the word that Ralphie says while helping his dad change the tire...any guesses?
Yes, you are correct the Queen of all swear words; it begins with an F and ends with a K. Can I just say that my world stopped for about 2mins the first time I heard him utter that awful word. Let me just set up the scene for you the first time the word passed his lips. Brodie and I were snuggled up watching the Olympic opening ceremonies when suddenly the dogs jumped up and started barking, Brodie jumped down went running to the window opened the blinds and noticed a gentleman walking down the sidewalk, and this my friends is when it happened.He stated as clear as can be and I quote …