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Baby it's cold outside so come in and make cupcakes!!!!

We finally got some snow this winter and the boys were ready to get out and play in it as soon as we were home from school and work.Dad was home about 10min after grandma arrived home with Brodie (grandma picks up Brodie from school on a pretty regular basis, more so than Kyle or I do).Brodie and daddy got changed into more appropriate “snow gear”, because I am so crazy and neurotic about things in my mind they were going to get frost bite from being outside for 30min…..seriously something is not right with me... as if the ½ inch of snow that we received might freeze them to death, do you see what I am saying when I say something is not right with me :).Sooo anyway, the headed outside and grandma Keaton and I stayed inside and began making dinner, grandma only lasted about 15min inside with me before she headed outside to show Kyle how to build a snowman, apparently he had no clue what to do since the snow was so heavy and wet.
Brodie wouldn’t have cared if the snow man would have turn…

They grow up so fast

Daddy has left us….okay let me clarify; daddy has gone out of town for work.Sad news for us as we all three rely on daddy for a great deal, both around the house and emotionally.I find it interesting that old sayings seem to sometimes be correct and not just stupid sayings and people can use to their advantage when they are trying to make a point in conversation. Point being “you don’t know what you have got until it is gone” ok now granted I am sure that whoever came up with the quote meant that the thing that you were going to miss was going to be gone for longer than 2 ½ days, but it is still relevant no matter how long the item you are missing is gone,right?.?.?
Now that dad is back everything is back to “normal” and the house is functioning regularly so that is a huge relief…..
With all the excitement of daddy leaving and coming home there was another big change that took place over the last week and a half that added a bit of excitement to the Whelpley house.Brodie got a new bed,…

(sigh) being a mommy is hard work

The beginning of February and we are playing outside on the deck!?!?!? Are you kidding me? Brodie came home from school and stated in his very best big boy voice “we can go outside and play” he was hoping that we would go out front, but playing on the deck is much easier at this point.So after I looked at the thermometer and saw that it read 56 (in February) my answer was yes! So Brodie, Keaton, grandma (mom) and I all headed outside to play on the deck.Outside time is one of Brodie’s favorite pastimes, since he is 3 now he can have a “pastime”.No matter if it is playing on the deck, riding toys out front, playing ball in the yard or his favorite of all, helping dad do yard work!
Brodie has shoes to wear outside, he calls them his “yard shoes” and he knows that if Kyle says come on lets go outside and do some work that he needs to find his “yard shoes”, I am not sure what we are going to do once the “yard shoes” no longer fit and that time is fast approaching,I am hoping that he will j…

Randomness of a 3yr old!?!?!?

Brodie our 3yr old is I am sure a typical 3yr old, I say I am sure he is "typical" because I have no other 3yr old boys in my life to compare him to....but I have to tell myself that he is "typical" because otherwise I might be a tad bit worried (joking). 
He has a very vivid and wild imagination and keeps us all very entertained. So at the request of a friend I am going to share a few Brodie stories. 

The most recent one happened just this week on Tuesday, both boys had a doctors appointment, Brodie to have his ears checked from a double ear infection he had 2weeks ago and Keaton for his 2month check-up and to get his first round of shots, booo for shots :(.  So as we are in the room and the doctor is in with us and is checking Keaton doing all the normal routine well baby check, Brodie and grandma (you will learn she goes everywhere with us) are sitting in the extra chairs in the room as Dr. Yu and I are talking about Keaton, he (the doctor) removes Keaton'…

Here we go...

And so here begins my journey of blogging.  I am using blogging for many different reasons and in many different ways.  First and foremost because I have sat back in such awe and admiration of friends and acquaintances of mine who are as busy as I am (and some even more) with kids, family, work, hobbies and just life in general and are still able to find time to sit down and spend time to write even if it is just a few sentences to bookmark daily goings on in their lives.  I have taken stock of the things that are important and the things that I want to leave my children after Kyle and I are gone and memories and stories of our lives together, and as you and I will all see I am sure is that it isn't always rosy and good but at least it is true honest life and it is the life that I cannot and would not want to do without.  As I have grown and learned as an adult and even more so as a mommy I can say that even the smallest things can touch me more than I ever thought that they would…