Why did I do that???

Do you ever do something and then think, "Why did I do that", that was me tonight. I totally went off the deep end over something that was so insignificant in the big scheme of things. And I am now sitting here trying to figure out how to rectify the situation.
Here is what I did, you are going to laugh and roll your eyes, we ordered pizza for dinner and when the order arrived and the driver left we realized that an item was missing, this always makes me angry but tonight for some reason it struck an extra sensitive nerve and I called the pizza place and demanded resolution.
I was not going to be satisfied with them bringing out the item that was missing because by the time they drove it back out we would have been done eating, I did not want a store credit because we rarely order from this company so I had no idea when the credit would be used. To put it plainly I wanted a refund put back on our credit card for the amount of the item that was missing approximately $6.00 dollars of a $50.00 order.  This was the other part that upset me, we spend $50 dollars at this restaurant and they cannot get the delivery order correct?!?!? So I told the manager that I was not willing to take a store credit and that I didn't want the item delivered to us that I just wanted him to refund the money to our credit card and be done, he informs me that they cannot do refunds for a certain amount like the $6.00, this is where I got even madder, raised my voice a bit and lost my mind for a second. I asked him if he was serious and that I wanted him to explain to me how he couldn't refund the money for an item we didn't receive....
He again stated that they couldn't refund a certain amount, at that point I think that I am just being a smarty pants by saying that was fine that he instead needed to refund my entire order, and he said okay that he would do that!!!!!
HOLY COW are you kidding me, they would rather refund the entire order than a few dollars?  (He stated that it would take 3-5 days for us to see the refund, so we shall see if the refund comes through.)
So at this point during the conversation I wasn't feeling too guilty/bad, I was more in shock over the fact that he refunded the entire amount, I said thank you and hung up.
My mom and Kyle were both sitting at the table and I could tell by their reactions that they weren't too impressed by my actions, both agreed that I needed to call and let them know of the missing item but that I could have been much nicer, which now in looking back I agree.
So there I was trying to eat the dinner that I had just gotten for free by being mean and hateful to a guy who didn't deserve it...this is when I started to feel guilty and started to think 'Why did I do that'.  I hate when I act like a 12yr old girl who didn't get her way and then have to go back and apologize or attempt to make the situation right.  Why can I not see the bigger picture before I act like a fool?
So in my attempt to right the wrong that I had done, I went to the corporate website and wrote in a praise note for the store and the manager letting the corporate offices know that he was very professional and polite all the while I am being mean and hateful. I hope that the email gets back to the store here in town and that the manager receives some sort of acknowledgement for have good customer service.

So here is what I am going to try very hard to do from this point forward, take a few minutes before I go off about something and decide if the situation really deserves that much of my attention and time and if it is really worth getting that upset over, my guess is the answer will be no for most situations.

Until next time.....


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