Anxiety of a parent….

Have you seen the blurb "I am not friend I am your parent" here is the link for you to take a look

Okay so here is the thing with this blurb, IT IS ME. I have told so many that I will have no problem hunting my kids down if I think the situation calls for it and that most likely I will then proceed to flip out on them for making a choice that caused me to have to 'hunt them down'.
If you know me you know I am constantly worry about my children, not saying that you don't I just seem to be a bit more anxious about things that haven't happened and anxious about what I can do now as a parent to prevent those "bad" things from happening.
I am a people watcher by nature, people are very interesting to me even the crazies at the local big warehouse store-it seems to really pull the crazies out. More often now however, I find myself watching others parent and wonder if my kids react to me the same way those children are reacting to their parents. I also wonder is there something that I am doing that is going to mess my children up? Are we making poor parenting choices? Are we leading our children into the path of danger, lies, hurt or anger?
I don't know.
What I do know is that I have asked God to step in to both myself and Kyle and lead us in training our children to be strong, independent, loving, caring, understanding and nurturing human beings. I look to God to lead Kyle and I down the path of parenting that instills in our children that we love them and want them to grow up and be positive influences to others in their lives, be able to show love and be loved in return, to value their own personal worth and know they are special to so many people but mainly to know and understand and have a relationship with God. However, I want them to remember that if they step out line that we will hunt them down and snatch them up and put them back in place all with love in my eyes and heart.
Do I sound crazy? Do you have these issues?
I have a firm grasp on reality (I think) and know that we are not raising children in a home without love or compassion, but worry that things may find their way into our children's lives that do not belong there and that we will have not given our children the tools they will need to fend them off.
Our most recent decision in parenting and my latest causer of stress comes in the form of schooling. The options are limited. Homeschooling is not possible for us for many reasons-  the main reason is financially we cannot afford for me to quit my job to stay home with the kids.
We have in a very general way looked at the local church based school-Lutheran. It seems like an awesome facility but has a couple of draw backs the largest is it is only a K-8 school once they hit high school they are headed to public school system, I believe that by that age you hope the foundation you have set and the school has set that they would be able to conquer all that high school might present them.
The two local public schools are leaps and bounds different than each other but are still public school without the influence of faith.
Brodie will be of the age to start kindergarten in a little over a year and the decision that we have to make over the next year are monstrous, and is far more stressful for me that it seems to be for others.
I want to make the best decisions for our children, as do I believe most parents. The thing is the decisions are so much easier to make when you are making them for someone else….
This is another one of those posts that is just me rambling because it makes me feel better, if you made it this far you must be one of my close friends and are probably laughing at me because you know this is how my mind works, I love having anxiety about my children.

Until next time….


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