Gold medalists in the family!!

Summer is here and so is the heat and watching the Olympic swimming time trials it has geared me up for the Olympics and to write a blog about the boys and swimming.
The thermometer has been reaching close to 100 degrees for the past couple of days and the forecast for the next week doesn’t look like we are going to get much relief anytime soon.  So that means that we are either playing inside or we are only going to be outside if there is a large source of cool water in the close vicinity.  So in our mind that leaves two spots to be either out back in our pool or down at Legends dipping our toes in the water fountain. 
The past two weekend we have ended up down at Legends on Saturday evening to grab a quick bite to eat and enjoy the summer weather and the cooler evening weather, we were also able to catch some free live music while down there which made Brodie happy he was able to enjoy playing in the water and dance around a little bit! 

Keaton seems to have natural love for the water; he is in heaven sitting on the edge of the fountain dipping his cute little piggy toes in and even giggles a bit when his brother splashes him.  He also seems to love hanging out in the pool, he will lie back and relax either on a shoulder or in his float and if he gets adventurous enough he will splash around and kick….Look out Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte my boys are going to beat your records!!! 

Brodie has suddenly found a love of the water and has made huge strides in his abilities in the water, he will now swim without the assistance of one of us and is LOVING it!!

 I am in love with the thought of both boys swimming on a team
and even swimming  competitively.  I swam on a team starting at the age of 5 and continued on until I was 16 and I have to say that along with the great exercise and energy burning that swimming gives you it is a great sport for both individual success and team building skills that can really help a child and young adult learn life lessons. 
I will admit that I can still remember how much I hated getting up so early to head to practice but now looking back at swimming with the others that early in the morning was kind of like a secret society club.  I now wish that I would have continued on with my swimming not that I ever could have made it big, but wish that I would have continued on for my own health and fitness. 

The nice thing is now I have access to free swimming any time….it just occurred to me I have my own “Open swim” sessions available to me in my backyard.  I have high hopes that the boys will be as excited about swimming competitively as I am for them, but until then we will enjoy doing cannon balls, as Brodie says in our pool.  I want them to thrive and relish in the accomplishments and personal goals met through swimming and enjoy the teammates and friends that they meet through the activity.  I will be happy if they decide to play soccer or basketball however, it is my own personal hope that their hearts swell with the thought of swimming!!  


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