Big kid changes

Life has gotten crazy and it has been a very long time since I last blogged. I am going to try and get back into the swing of it again starting with this post.

The boys are now 5 and 2, I cannot believe that they are this old; it seems like yesterday that I was in the delivery room having Keaton.
Brodie has taken on new activities, soccer and soon to be t-ball, Keaton doesn’t yet get to play but he sure does cheer his brother on.  And he is just as excited, if not more than, his brother to go to practices and games.
The extra activities take some getting used to, they throw a curve ball into our normal schedule and routine but for the most part the boys take it in stride and are able to adjust (better than I do normally) to the changes, which frequently include a more rushed dinner time, shorter bath times and later bedtimes.

I admit that I am not a diehard sports mom and do not want my kids to live and breathe sports. I want them to understand that sports are a privilege and must be earned just like playing on the iPad or TV time.
I want my kiddos to excel in any activity they take part in but more than that I want them to enjoy the activity and know that it is only a small aspect of who they are and is not a measurement of what they can/will achieve in their life.

This week holds another milestone in Brodie’s life, we will be enrolling him in kindergarten this week (sniff, sniff), it breaks my heart that he is growing up so quickly.  I told him about the kindergarten registration day yesterday and explained to him what will happen and how exciting it will be that he will get to see his new school and play a few games while mom and dad fill out paperwork....and while I hold back tears.
He took a few seconds to process the information and then said that he is excited.
The best part of the entire conversation was that I didn’t cry, which gave me a bit of hope that I would make it through registration without crying, however, not 2hrs later I was crying telling my mom about the conversation. She continued to assure me that letting them grow up is all part of the process and that this is what being a parent is all about.
These are the things we should be warning women about before getting pregnant, the OB/GYN should hand out a pamphlet to any women who shows interest in getting pregnant, the title of the pamphlet can be "And you think the pushing is going to hurt". The heartache of your children growing up is much worse than any part of labor.
But to be honest, I do not know if you can truly understand the feeling of anguish you have when you have to let your child go and move onto the next chapter in their life unless you have lived it, or maybe I am just foolish and the only one who feels like this. 
I will survive Brodie’ s kindergarten enrollment and will hopefully only shed a couple of tears all the while  keeping  in mind that I have many more milestones to go and many more times when I will shed many more tears as my kids grow.

These are not tears of sadness but of love.
Until next time...


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